Hurry up! Starving vulture is circling us! Hear! Earth is shaking, foreseeing its fate! See! Thick fog is covering fields of green grass - These are early dews, boiling from hate.   Hate is waiting in anguish in full leaf-buds Hate is boiling inside with bated breath Hate is seeping through pores with sweat in suds Burning our heads Look at the bloody stains in the river Evil decided to force a new order Handles of swords are becoming colder And despair is growing older   Hate is disfiguring faces of young Hate is turning into a flood Hate is thirsty and wants to be drunk From black enemy blood Hate has captured us now. But Blind hate canít break walls of fear. We need hate that is noble and real And fresh air to dry our tears.   Hate drink the cup while itís full Hate is waiting, believing in fate All that hate that is noble and real Lives with Love. Together. Like mate!
© Sukharev. Translation, ?