Why things seem so wrong? All as usual still: The sky stays blue, trees the same, air... water... Almost all is the same, but the difference is That he didnít come back from the battle. I donít get anymore who was right, who was wrong While we restlessly altercated prattle. Iíve just recently got what it means to fall short When he didnít come back from the battle. He would whist out of place, and would sing not in time, He would always remain saying oppo, He would not let me sleep waking up at sunrise - Till he didnít come back from the battle. Empty space is around, but itís not all about. Iíve just noticed that we were together. Itís like wind blew the fire for me all at once, As he didnít come back from the battle. Life is jumping at us like a rescued at large. Iíve mistakenly asked him, but got no refute: "Will you leave me a smoke?" - but a silence came back... As he didnít return from the battle. Our perished in battles wonít leave us in trouble, Their tutelary power is global. Like in water the sky shines in timberlandís castle, Each and every tree is standing as noble. We had more than enough room in a bunker for us, Time for both of us swimmingly settled... The world is solely mine now, but it seems nevertheless, As I havenít come back from the battle.
© Vitaly Fursov. Translation, 2010