I live in the best of all worlds! I need no shelter. The earth is my bed, the sky, my roof, The forest, my walls, a ditch, my grave, Though chills run down my back. But Iím just fine. Iím happy to live in this land, In a ditch, at the very bottom, Where silence reigns. Sunrays warm me, no need for firewood, Too bad, though, they canít fix the roof In this best of all worlds, Because now and then it rains.   But I feel great! If you donít believe me, just drop by, Take a seat, but donít complain, And donít wake wake me up. Everything is just fine, to my liking, Praise the Lord! Iíve still got another notch on my belt, And could still ride a horse, If I only had one. But Iím just fine! My troubles are not worth mentioning, I make the guitar sing, And can sing, myself, three days non-stop. Just listen to me!
© Cynthia Williams. Translation, 2018