Donít grasp the waists of strangers, Now, that your girlfriends donít look. Remember, how to the shores of Australia, Sailed up the late Captain Cook. Sitting in a circle under azalea In Australian land sunny and hot, Eating and eating from dawn to dusk One another, evil, savage lot. But why did Aborigines eat Cook? You wonít find the answer in the wisest book. The answer is simple - they wanted a lunch As far as I see it - so Cook did they munch. Itís also possible that their Chief Big Beech Shouted to his people standing on the beach That aboard the ship thereís delicious cook, There was a mistake and they ate James Cook. Nothing was to it, no deceit at all That without "knock, knock" they entered that door. Knock, knock on the head with a bamboo stick And James Cook is dead - what a nasty trick! There is one more thing that I, well, suspect Cook could have been eaten due to high respect. All this has been set by a cunning shaman "Catch Cook, boys," shrieked the cruel man. Roast him with no onion, salt or other spices and youíll be like Cook - strong, brave, with no vices. A stone happened to be there which some savage took Aim, hit, bang - and there is no Cook. And the savage lot nowís wailing and crying Break their swords and bows theyíre trying Burn their bamboo sticks with ferocious hate Regretting deeply that James Cook they ate.
© ?. Translation, 2014