Itís my own fault - the tears I spill, the oohs & aahs I have gotten myself into the strangerís deep track I have come up with my own goals, and choices made And now, I cannot get myself out of this track. It has sharp slippery edges this track I curse those that laid down the track, My patience will soon burst and I hang my head like a bad schoolboy The Track, with the track, on the track... But why is it never enough for me - greedy me Conditions, generally, in this track are normal: noone to knock you, or drag you - no complaints, - You want to move ahead - please do! Noone is depriving you of food or drink in this costy little track I have convinced myself: I am not the only one that has fallen into this track, - Keep at it - round and round! - And I shall arrive to the same place as everyone. All of sudden someone yelled: "Let me go!" And started arguing with the track out of stupidity. And in that argument he burnt all his soulís warmth reserves - and all the valves and liners flew off. But he has fiddled with the edges - and the track has widened. Suddenly, his tracks have stopped... The oddball was dragged into a ditch, So that he canít get in the way of those of us in the back rows Trespassing somebody elseís track. The trouble has found me also, my starter seized - Now its not travel but fidgeting in one spot, And I should get out, push - but I have no inclination, - Perhaps someone will arrive and pull me out. I wait for help in vain, Itís some foreign track. I would like to spit out clay and rust at this strangerís track which I have deepened myself, and thus killing the hope of all those behind me. I broke out in a cold sweat to the bone, And I just walked forward down the plank And I see that the land has been washed out by spring creeks, and there is now exit out of the rut - salvation! I spit dirt out from under the tires Into this foreign track. Hey, you, back there, do as I do! This means - no need to follow me. This track itís only made for me, Get out using your own tracks!
© ?. Translation, 2013