You did carry your misfortune On thin spring ice Ice has cracked, broken was your soul You came to (the) bottom like a stone But misfortune though itís hard Lingered over the sharp edges And misfortune since that day Looked for you worldwide And were rumours and gossips that came with it But that youíre not really dead Just one old dry willow knew And some pairs of quails that lived where you was Who of them could say to him Who was master of your dreams But somebody betrayed you, spilt the beans And in an agony of passion He went there where you was And misfortune with rumours followed him He overtook you, caught you up Hugged you, took you on his arms And misfortune grinned near him in his saddle But he couldnít stay with you íCause he had just single day And misfortune lingered for all the time
© ?. Translation, 2014