I didnít hit women till 17 At 17 was the first time Since then Iíve lost all self control To the right to the left I hand out deserved Howíd it happen that an intelligent Defender of rape So low I stooped at that moment But if wanted Iíll defend myself with a beating This is how it went I didnít cheat on her In 3 whole days Whatís there to say I bought her perfume French for 34.17 But her seller from teegee His name was golubov slava He already bought her that perfume To the right To the left Smiled my whore I was young and fierce Handed complaints fiercely Told her yestrday I beat down Slava Today kasatka Iíll beat you for whatís right I came up to her with hands shaking Teeth stuttetering Came out my tongue To the right and the left I concretely punched her Since then all whores are afraid of me And thar for me is painful And thatís why not a day passed by I hit long and hard But canít hit them all Thereís too many Let the soviets discuss me Hoping I end up in the morgue Then I got sentenced, But the other day I hit long and painfully The district attorney in his face
© Paul Geller. Translation, 2014