Tonight, Iím outside the law, I write - at night more so. I reach for the phone disk And dial endlessly zero seven. "Miss, hello, whatís your name?" - "Toma." "Seventy-second! Iím running out of breath... That just canít be, try again, Iím sure theyíre home!.. Oh, theyíve just answered. Well hello, itís me!" Tonight, Iím outside the law, I canít sleep - Iím screaming, "Go faster!.." Why are my credit coupons Offered to their loved ones! "Miss, listen! Seventy-second! I cannot wait, and my watch has stopped... To hell with all the lines - I have a flight out tomorrow!.. Oh, theyíve just answered. Well hello, itís me!" The phone for me is like an icon, The phonebook itself a triptych The telephone girl is like the Madonna Reducing the distance for just a moment. "Miss, my dear, Iím begging you - try some more! You are an angel now, donít leave the altar! The most important thing is to keep going, you have to understand... Oh, they just answered. Well, hello, itís me!Ē What, again damaged on the track? What, the relay is acting up there with the cell? I do not care - Iíll wait - I ready to Start again from scratch every night! "Zero seven, hello again, itís me again." - "Whatís with you?" "No, I donít need that anymore - I need the city of Magadan. I wonít give you my word that I will not call again - Just one friend - to know how he, poor man, got stuck there..." Tonight Iím outside the law, All night I did not sleep - And if I go to sleep - I dream of Madonna, Or someone like her. "Miss, my dear! Itís me again, Tom! I just canít wait - Iím running out of breath... Yes, itís me!.. Yes, of course itís me!.. Yes, I am at home of course!" "Calling... Answering now..." - "Hello, itís me!"
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