- Oh, Vanya, take a look at that clowns! I wish to sew strings on their mouth! Oh, Vanya, they have very made up faces And have voices of alcoholics Vanya, am I wrong - this one is like My brother-in-law, heís very drunk too I wish you take a look, I wish you take a look Vanya, I say the truth! - Zina, listen, do not touch brother-in-law Even if he is bad he is our relation You are made up on your own and smoke very much If you donít stop youíll end up Zina, better if you not talk so much But go to shop in time of intermission Well, do not want to go? Ok, Iíll be alone Zina, move away! - Oh, Vanya, take a look at that dwarfs! They are dressed in jersey not in Ůheviot It is doubtful whether somebody can sew the same On The 5th Garment Factory where I work Vanya, I swear with God, you have Friends that are like beggary They start to drunk very early (in the morning) This trash (means vodka) - You are right, my friends donít wear light nylon raincoats But they donít grab money from own family And they drink trash to save money And even if they drink early - they do it fro their own money Zina, you did have A friend that worked in factory where they make tires He drank benzine Zina, remember it!.. - Oh, Vanya, take a look at parrots! No, I swear with God, Iíll cry(because of enjoy)!.. Who is that in short T-shirt? Vanya, I want the same one. Vanya, you should make for me The same T-shirt in the end of the quarter - Stop say your "leave alone", every time you say "leave alone"... Vanya, itís offensive! - Better if you shut up - I wonít get bonus in this quarter! Who did write complaints for my work? Didnít you?! When I read it! Zina, one point against this shirt If you dress it up it will be shame for you Iíll spend a lot of fabric to sew it Zina, whereís money?.. - Oh, Vanya, Iím dying ícoz of acrobats! Look at this brazen man that turns! Comrade Satukov, our workshopís chief Jumped like this in club not long ago. Ivan, every day you come from work Eat and lay on sofa Or we are bickering if you are not drunk... Ivan, whatís wrong? - Zina, do you want I become rude Zina, do you want I feel hurt? I do so many thing every day... And when I come home - You sit here! Zina, of course, all time I want to go to shop There are my friends, Zina I canít drink alone                                
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