Perhaps, I am dead, when I close my eyes I clearly see it... Perhaps, I am dead, I’m feeling timid, but then... How can I even stand next to her? She’s been to Paris, And yesterday I’ve learned to other places too. I sang to her such [great] songs about the Far North! I thought: “Wait a little, you’ll get closer to each other”. But I sang to her about the no man’s land to no purpose, She doesn’t give a damn about the flowers. Then I sang to her about something which I though could be closer - About the South and the one who used to be with her. But that’s no use to her! She’s been to Paris And Marcel Marceau personally spoke to her. I gave up my job at the plant, although I didn’t have a right for this, Began to read dictionaries, as if it was my last chance. But that’ no use to her! She’s already in Warsaw, We speak different languages again... When she comes back I’ll say to her in Polish “Please, my dear Take me as I am, I won’t sing anymore!” But that’s no use for her. She’s already in Iran. I realized I simply cannot catch up with her. Because today she’s here, tomorrow she’s in Oslo. Yes, I am trapped, yes, I am in trouble! The ones who been with her and the ones who will be, Let them try, I better wait.
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