At the edge of the earth, where sky is clear And which one may take for a cordon, On a mountain there stood an ugly building Looking much like the UN building. It was brightened up, like if was struck by a summer lighting. It looked beautiful, but with one problem: This building kept a princess living in captive Koshey Bessmertny set a savage beast To guard this building. The beast however might have been unhappy and gentle somewhere inside his soul. The beastís eyes are filled with tears at all times, Missing mothers love, Having seven heads, and fifteen eyes. Koshey, He could once to do a melee combat, But his flesh dried and faded due love to the princess, He became a shamefull oldman, And the beast wont let him to the princess "Let me in, what does it cost you?! I am shivering from lust" - "You may fire me But I wont let you in" - the beast replies Kind young Ivan decided to get through "I have seen those Koshey types! He always puts his nose where it does not belong" - Ivan was also unhappy in his own way. Something in the dark forest triggered Ivanís mood: It could have been a fays laugh or owls chuckle. Loneliness descended into the heart of Ivan the Fool There began vain heroism acts: Unneeded fight with BabíYagas. She also was unhappy in her own way, being the forest poor thing. He fought through witches And killed a pair, they were comparatively young. When he saw them in the morning, he weeped. He pitied them, that Fool. Finally he approaches his goal, his drunken state he managed to overcome, this Ivan. In a corner he saw a pitiful beast that Leaned all its heads into a fountain. Ivan leaped to the beast, Chopped its heads with one swing And approached Koshey, While swinging his sword. He threatened Koshey, whose age is counted by two millennia: "I am going to chop off you beard in a moment, Die, vanish, Koshey!" - But Koshey replies: "I would be glad to die, but I cannot... I am immortal" Ivan, in his unconsciousness yelled: "You are just a dirty industrialist! Look at how many rooms you have built in your place! You hid a girl in one of them!" "I am going to fulfill my oaths!" - But the linguistic structures Have struck Koshey without any blades He was not well educated lad, that Koshey, barbarian to say. Ivan, red in his face from anger Kicked Koshey, then spit on the floor, and entered the chambers of unhappy in her own way maiden.
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