This isnít the valley, the climate is rough The avalanches are making it tough The stone falls go down in chain with fierce uproar And some play it safer and just go around But we are choosing the toughest playground - High-risk unsecured extreme path to explore If you havenít to been here to risk it all To test yourself with the stern protocol Although you may have caught a star or two down there below On the Main street, among the rich and elite Your long happy life will fail to beat A tenth of a fraction of this wondrous beauty and glow There wonít be red roses and funeral sprays And itís not a monument of your glamour days That rock that had put your dauntless soul at piece So bright that itís blinding, forever in glow The top of the mountain in emerald snow Is shining beyond the reach upon your decease And let them talk, discuss our flaws But - no, no one ever dies for no cause So rather than die from the vodka or the flu - Others will give up the comfort of home For the backbreaking work and this ticking time bomb To follow this route that was almost within your realm The sheer cliffs - watch out my dear! You donít want to push your luck out here No stone no ice no rock will ever support The each otherís arms and the hammered hook Rely on your friend and the bright outlook And pray that the cable anchor slings will hold We are cutting the steps - thereís no turning back! Shaken and strained are the knees and the back The heart is ready to jump and run to the top of the hill The world at your feet. Youíre speechless and still Happy, yet jealous of those who will Still have it ahead of them to dare this mind-blowing track
© Vesper Lynd. Translation, 2019