The castle is being dug and wrapped, sheltered In a gentle blanket of green shoots, But... untie the language of the silent granite - And the cold past will speak About campaigns, battles and victories. Time feats these did not erase: Tear off the upper layer from it Or take him harder by the throat - And it will give its secrets. A hundred castles will fall and a hundred shackles fall, And a hundred sweats will come down from a whole pile of centuries, - And the legends of hundreds of poems will flow About tournaments, sieges, free-style shooters. You prepare your ear for familiar melodies And look with understanding eye, - Because love is forever love, Even in the future your distant. The steel burst under the pressure of the sword, The matchstick was smoking, Death sat on its spears, And the dirt poured out the enemies, about the mercy of crying, Won surrendered to mercy. But not all, while remaining alive, In kindness preserved the heart, Defending your good name From the false lie of the scoundrel. Well, if the horse bit a bit And the hand on the spear settled comfortably, Well, if you know where the arrow comes from, Worse - if itís broken, because of the corner. How are you with the bastards? Beat? Serves right! Witches do not scare you with a coven? But... is not it true that evil is shown by evil Even there - in your good future? And for ever and ever, and at all times A coward, a traitor, is always despised, The enemy is the enemy, and the war is still a war, And the dungeon is cramped, and freedom is one - And always rely on her. Time did not erase it, It is only necessary to raise the upper layer - And steaming blood from the throat Feelings perpetually pour on us. Nyce, for ever, for ever and ever, old man, - And price is price, and wine is wine, And itís always good if honor is saved, If the friend is securely covered back. Cleanliness, simplicity we take from the ancients, Sagas, fairy tales - from the past we drag, - Because good remains good - In the past, the future and the present!
© Diana ?. Translation, 2017