Itís not like the plains. Different climate reigns. Avalanches, here they go insane. And rockslides, they are plentiful and ever rife. You can turn away, leave the cliff at bay But we have selected a tougher way As deadly a path as you ever will see in your life. If you havenít been here, never risked all in fear - You havenít tested your limits dear, Even if you did reach the moon and the stars - from down below. While you are beneath you may only strive But never encounter in your entire life Even a smidgen of such a magical show. No red roses here. No mourning bands. Thatís not a tombstone and yet it stands, A rock. Your ultimate peace. Your resting place. Like the eternal flame, glares through the days, The peak of emerald icy glaze You will not conquer this one in any case. And some may say, and let them say! But no one just dies and fades away, Like they would have from drinking or from a flu. Others will come, trade in their comfort reign For the risk and the ultimate pain To get on your path and actually follow through. Vertical walls - stay alert and awake! For here, my dear, luck has no stake. No rock, ice or cliff is your friend on this mountain track. You may only rely on the strength of your hand. The hand of your friend and the anchor at hand. And a prayer for safety lineís strength and the strength of your back. There is no going back. There are steps to make. The knees from the pressure only ache and shake. Heart seems to be willing to scale the slope on its own. The whole worldís at your feet. You are elated and mute. Only some bit of jealousy making it moot. For others that still have to master this same very route.
© ?. Translation, 2017