Those who believe in Mohammed, Those - in Allah, those - in Jesus, Those who donít believe in anything, Even in Satan, to spite them all, A good religion has been made up by the Hindus: That when we reach the end, We do not die for good. Upwards strived your soul, To be born again with a dream, But if you lived like a swine, A swine you will stay. Let them stare suspiciously, Get used to disapproval, Annoyingly - well, you might be born again to mock others yourself. And if you saw your enemyís death While still in this life In another youíll be given a true keen eye. Live yourself a normal life, Thereís reason to be happy: After all, perhaps, in the boss Your soul will move inside.                 Let yourself live as a janitor, Youíll be born again a foreman, and from a foreman into a minister you will grow, But if youíre dumb as wood - youíll be born a baobab And a baobab youíll be a thousand years until you die. Itís a shame to live as a parrot, A viper with a long lifespan, Isnít it better to have been in life a decent man?! So who is who, so who was who? We will never ever know. Who was nothing, becomes everything, You should think about it! It could be, that shabby cat, Before was a scoundrel, And this dear person here Before was a kindly hound. I jump up with delight, I get around temptations, A comfortable religion Was made up by the Hindus!
© ?. Translation, 2017