All years and epochs Every living being strives to warmness So why these birds fly to the North While birds should fly to the South? They do not need fame or lordliness Soon they overfly the border of ice And they will find a kind of bird happiness As a reward for the bold flight Why hadnít we live and sleep well Why have we left our flats We havenít seen shine yet It occurs not often Silence... only the gulls are like lightning We feed them with the emptiness from our hands But for our silence weíll be rewarded With the sound For a long time all our dreams are white All other colors are covered with snow Itís all so bright that weíve become blind But weíll recover our sights with the first glance of the black Earth Our silence will pass Our weakness will dissolve like a shadow And weíll got the reward for all the nights in despair It will be the eternal polar day North, freedom, country without borders Snow without mud - like a long life without any lie Crows wonít eat our eyes from pits Cause there are no crows Those who havenít believed in bad prophesies Who havenít lain on the snow to have a rest They will be rewarded for the loneliness They will meet someone
© Artem Humenyuk. Translation, 2016