My brain revolts from ear to ear. The crackling of noise echoes in my head. Some demons decided to make a heaven for our future generations. A famous place named "Sin City" A few angels snuck in, at night, after hours A bit of Heaven in Hell. What the hell?! But, thereís someting Sin City doesít know for sure. While rosening his bow Cupid said: "I am terrified that the Devil himself is worried, and this place will soon come to ruins." Meanwhile, in Hell, Satan himself ordered a military parade, - He climbed up to the podium, cried and whailed: "Heaven, only Heaven can save you from Hell!" The demons wept and shouted: "Of course! But now, weíll build a Heaven in Hell! Work harder! We claimed five more souls today!" "Well, letís go! Iíll take you!" The Devil chided, "and your faith! You canít outrun it!" The sinners trembled in Hell And the angels in Heaven ruffled their wings. Then the angels surrounded Satan, and took him to the all-knowing One. And the Devil said: "Iím not afraid of the dark!" as he spoke, more angels fell from grace. The Devil provokes because heís a jerk. His malfeasance and rantings are nothing new. Turning angels into demons, who are all the same. But, that demon had been recruited long ago. "Thereís no Heaven anywhere around, nothing but Bedlam. Come down to Earth, at least there, thereís some respect! Iíll take all the souls from your Sin City. Even if I have to be crucified again!" Then this man descended from the clouds. But once the church-going faithful saw a homeless man drinking on the church porch, He shouted "I am God, Iíll feed you!" The ending is sad. The old and young weep, just as they did before Troy burnt to the ground. It has long been said that thereís no Heaven just Hell. But Heaven in Hell has been built.
© ?. Translation, 2018