If youíve made a new friend, and canít Tell if heís bad or good, for sure Whether he is your friend or foe, There is one way to know. Climb a mountain, the two of you. Donít you leave him alone, below. Roped together, the two of you Will find out who is who. If, while climbing, heís not so hot. If he instantly fails, and bails. Takes a step on the ice, and whines. Trips, and lets out a cry. Then, a stranger is by your side. Donít waste time to scold him, shoo him. Folks like him donít get brought along, And theyíre not worth a song. But if he neither whined nor cried, And though angry and spent, still went. On the cliffs, when you tripped and slipped, Gritting his teeth, he gripped. Like a soldier, he fought and strove, On the summit, stood drunk with awe, Then, rely on your newfound friend, As you would on yourself.
© Zoya Gesina. Translation, 2019