When waters of the great deluge Returned again within the coastal lines Out of the foam of the receding water Love came out quietly to the land And dissolved in the air for some time And lasted for a span of forty forties And some eccentrics that still exist Breathe in this mix with their full chest And don’t expect no awards, nor punishment And thinking they are just breathing They suddenly fit in Someone’s else same uneven breathing Only feeling, like a ship Will stay afloat for a long time Before learning that “I love” Is the same as “I breathe” or “I live” And there will be plenty of travel and wanderings: Country of Love is a great country! And she will ask even more strictly From his knights to test them It will require separations and distances Will deprive of leisure, rest and sleep... But you can’t turn back the madmen They already agree to pay Any cost, even risk their lives To prevent tearing, to save That invisible magic thread Which stretched out between them The fresh wind intoxicated the chosen ones Knocked them down, raised them from the dead Because if you didn’t love It means you you didn’t live and did not breathe But many of those choked with love Can not hear you, no matter how you call Rumors and idle talk keep the counting of them But this counting is mixed with blood And we will put candles in the head Of those who died from unprecedented love Their voices always merge to the beat And their souls are given to wander in flowers And to breathe forever in one breath And to meet with a sigh on their lips On fragile crossings and bridges At the narrow intersections of the universe I will lay the fields for those in love - Let them sing in a dream and in reality! I breathe, and that means I love! I love, and that means I live!
© David ?. Translation, 2020