Television broadcast, dear! At the weekend, crying near All Kanatchikov-phrenia was aspiring to the screen, - ’Stead of washing, glut the mouth, take a jab, and drop in drowse, All-in-all the Mental House at the TV-box was seen. Phrase-creator, blabber brightes went on speaking wringing hands On the impotence of sciences before the Bermuda Lands, - Convolutions tied like laces, put in pieces is the brain - And authorities at places are injecting us again. Mr. Editor-Corrector! Show better a reactor, On the moon a lovely tractor! One should not! - the year round: Now scared by nasty saucers - that for flying have resources, Now crows bark, - you know this, now ruins speak around. Of something we made a go - we send saucers flying high, - We’re never eating crow on them, if the cooks don’t lie. And a pile of medicine - Judas - to a john, who’s not a fool. So we live, ’n’ look - the Bermudas! Well, I never! What a bull! We have scarcely made a scandal lacking for a chief to handle: Violent is a seldom mental - so no leaders, not a fig. But for fantasies and nuisance have we snares, have we nooses - Never spoil our shmoothies, evil enemy’s intrigues. That is all by western devils that BerMutilate the gist, It was Churchill first to tell this sixty years back at least! On explosions and disasters we composed a Note of TASS?... There orderly were fastest making fixing among us. Who displayed a special bold wit to the beds were tied and bolted. Paranoiacs had a boiled fit in the sabbath taking part, Crying: "Make untied the towels! Heretics, fanatics!" - howls: "Is BerMutiny in bowels! Is BerMutiny at heart!" Forty heads in turns are whining to becoming them white hot, - That’s how much is worrying the triangle-looking spot! Almost all got mad and foolish, - even those who were insane, - So doc-in-chief, Margulis, put an end to TV strain. It is him in a window sliding, - plugs behind the back he’s hiding, Gave a hint to someone guiding to cut off the TV-set. And we’ll have a jab as well as falling down a dark well with Being done for in that well as if in that Bermudas’ net. When to see us kids are dropping in the morning asking: "Dads’ What about are they talking, for professors’ candidates?" Since the off-springs always care, we’ll tell them all we can: "Miracle is over there - but it is under a ban!" Here is a dentist Rudik having a transistor "Grundig", - Over it he’s nightly brooding on the German newsy food. He was there selling clothes, went to madness door closest, Joined us in a dead neurosis with a name-tag on the foot. Being in excitement final with the latest news he struck - Our scientific liner in t’ triangle has been stuck: Perished having spent the fuel, - gone to many pieces then, - Two insane from fortune cruel have been saved by fishermen. Those alive in cataclysm stay indwelt in pessimism, - Yesterday in a glassy prism they arrived at ours’ first - A mechanic, one of hidden said, of nurses getting rid on, The Bermudas’ polyhedron - it’s a navel of the Earth. "What was it? What saved you lonely?" - Everyone was drawing. But The mechanic shivered only scrounging a ciggy’s butt. He was laughing or was crying, bristling with unpleasantness, - Just to mock at us was trying - schizo - neither more nor less. Suddenly a former drunkard, rebel, rowdy has flung at The triangle: “Should be drunk it! Drinking down we must split!" Got beside himself to pipe it: "The triangle will be wiped! - Be it a parallelepiped, or a circle be, blast it!"                 Lecturers, the TV-brothers! You, that one way or another, Talk about failures rather make a people’ s nervous fuss! Take us, doomed, for your objective, - the triangle turns the active Scientists just into defective, quite the contrary - for us. The idea, yes, is crazy, - don’t grudge your time to think. Answer sooner, don’t be lazy and punish Head physician-shrink! With regards, the date, subscriptions... Otherwise, you know what - If you fail the prescriptions we’ll write to bingo "Sport".
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