I do not love when there is no happy ending I am never getting tired of the life, I do not love a year in any setting, When a merry song wonít come without a strife. I do not love misanthropists forbidding; I donít believe in gang-ho mood and else, When stranger is my private letters reading Over my shoulder peeking at my desk. I do not love when it is only half-way Or when they interrupted a good talk, Or when it is against the mane for all day, Or when against the glass with iron rock. I hate any assumptions made from slander, Worms of a doubt and distinctionís prods, I hate it when they shoot in back and under All reasons, I am against of point-blank shots. I do not love the well-fed positiveness, It is better go nuts in an honest rage, It is bitter that the "honor" word is meaningless And that they honor libels back of stage. When I see broken faith, seduced innocence. - No compassion in me, not even for a trice - I do not love enforcement and impotence, Though I feel pity for the crucified Christ. I do not love myself when I am scared, I am indignant for besmirched without fault, I do not love it when my soul is spared And more of that, when they are spitting in my soul. I do not love maneges and arenas - They swap a million there for a dime, They might produce to us the greatest winners, - I will not love them, I will never call them mine.
© Angelina Nelson. Translation, 2021