I donít love the lethal ending Life has always been so much fun I will hate it when I stop singing Of joy, of happiness, and the Sun. I do not love cold people, hate the cynics Donít trust celebrities and whatís more I hate it when strangers read my letters Behind my back, looking for the gore. I do not love it when I half-ass it Or when someone else cuts me off I hate it when I see back-stabbing Or when somebody innocent gets shot. I loathe the gossip and the chatter The planted doubts and the fake news I also hate it when someone shatters glass windows with iron clubs. I hate the brave and the bullies Who fight when only they can win. Iíd rather take my chances With someone stronger, call me dim! I hate to see plucked feathers But I feel not sorry for the bird. I hate the violence and the weakness And yet, I am sorry for Christ. I donít love myself when I am a coward When I watch the innocent take the blow I canít stand it when my soul Is messed with ... or when it gets mucked. I donít love the circus and arenas Where millions are cheated for a dime. Whatever the future may bring us This, I will never love.
© Stilian Stoev. Translation, 2022