Hurry up - black vulture is over our lands! Forest - your home - visit this spring Can you hear - earthquake is beneath? Can you see - fog is over the fields? This is Hate boils dews over there! Hate is waiting latently in tumors Hate is boiling slowly inside Hate is getting outside with sweat Burning hot our heads! Look - why river is all scarlet-red? Evil is going to conquer our lands Handle of AKM is cooling the palm And despair is beating as bird in the cells And heart is tearing apart of this Hate! Hate is distorting young faces Hate is begging to fall outside Hate is thirsty and willing to drink Black blood of our foes! Yes, we are slaves of our hatred for now But evil is not way to leave outside Neither blind nor black hate rules us Fresh wind will dry tears beneath eyes Of this fairfull and the real Hate! Hate - dry the overfilled graal Hate is crying for freedom But hate of honour we’ve got Lives near the Love!
© Alexey Stenin. Translation, 2022