Shes got her own clothes and her own place. Well, Im taking a corner from my aunt. For her, all my free time, I look at her from the window opposite. Her window doesnt go out every night. And yesterday the elevator operator told me for half a jar: She knows two movie artists. And one popular artist from Taganka. And while I have a hand in their jacket, I learned a lot about her: She has an older brother, a Spartak football player. My father is a consultant in the Ministry of Finance. I say I always go to football. On Spartacus, and words of admiration for his brother. I will say that I am friends with the Minister of Finance As an amateur, I play chess. She has a geranium on her window. Shes got curtains in her divorces, I dont have shit on my window. Only dust, only thick dust on the dressers... Nothing, Ill buy a lottery ticket, And then I wont have to wait that long. If there is no justice in the world, I will definitely win the wolf.
?. Translation, 2021