Spread hands wider, make deep breath. Three to four - mind time and pace! Liveliness, grace and the calisthenics. Generally strengthening, In the morning sobering, If yet keen you are on living - Gymnastics! If you are at your home place - Three to four - get on the floor! Follow the correct curriculum. Quit to listen voice within - Stick to new - not what have been! Lift your chin and breathe until - Exhaustion! Grown and spread into the core Influenza virus - three to four! Disease is ever expanding and widening. If you’re frail - to the coffin! To keep youth every-so-often, Take precaution and apply - Sponging-down! If by chance you now feel tired - Sit down, stand up - it’s required. Frightened not we are of Arctic or Antarctic. Chief Academician Ioffe Proved - cognac and coffee Should be replaced by sports and profi - Lactics! Cease the chattering and prattle. Squat when free and make it double, Please reduce the sombering and gloominess! If you cannot simply help it - Do the sponging with what will fit, Get involved and benefit from water - Procedures! Frightened not if problems chase - We retort by jog in place. Even a beginner gets to win. Awe-inspiring - ‘twixt runners lined No one leads or falls behind! Those who run in place inclined to - Reconsolidate.
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