Fires above the country are all higher, hotter, and more joyous, Their blinks have swinged in the tap dance, - But here the Fate and Time have saddled the horses, And there - into gallop, through bullets to the forehead, And the world is hit with the chill From that gallop. The wild bullets are ferocious, blind and mindless, But we have fled in leaps - they chase us in a flight, - The horseís hot shoes are wearing off And fall on ground - for somebody to find. The reins are swirly, like the eels, And tangled is the hair, alike the thoughts on run, - But wind has blown - and detangled our curls, And made our brainís convolutions become straight. Neither fleeing from the flames, nor fear of chase - it doesnít matter, And Time has caught up, and Fortune smiled to us, - And sabers of the horsemen have crossed the sunlight beams, - The horsemanís poet, and horseís a pegasus. The fire faded and extinguished, - But race is becoming hotter. The world has never seen such pace - The hooves have beated a tact, eavesdrops rang. Obsessed with blood, the blind dummy-bullet Got enlightened and got smarter - and better hit the target. Who wins over whom - more venturous, than dances, And who outruns whom - there is none who would come later, - And wind has blown, blowing meat away from bones And pleasing the skeleton with cool wind. The luckís ahead and cure for ill, - The Time is galloping in line - not in circles, Whatís promised for tomorrow is becoming bitter and charming... The gallopís with ease, you see the foe, And see the friend - a blessing! The Fate is streaming through the meadow! The gullible Death just got tricked - She wasnít fast enough to react, forgot to move the scythe, - The bullets didnít catch us up and were further and further... Shall we wash with dew and not with blood? The wind has sung all sorrower and deafer, The Time got hurt, the Fate has got some too. The winds and horses - and the bodies with the souls Of the killed - are carried away on themselves.
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