Thereís a rock on the plain, from beneath it water flows, And written on the rock is a sign: "Who goes to the right Will find nothing at all, Who goes straight ahead Will get nowhere at all, And who leftward goes will Understand Nothing at all And is lost and will perish in trying." Not one horse or sword is there among three who stand and stare Is it worth it to go, they think. One was mad at that sight And he went to the right, Went alone to the right And found nothing at all, Neither village nor wall; Back he went and returned home to drink. No path straight ahead there, and you will get nowhere, But one didnít believe in that spell. He tucks his shirt in and goes Straight to follow his nose He went straight, walking tall, And came nowhere at all, And he turned and he came back as well.   Third one was a fool, they say, he knew nothing anyway, And went merrily left without fear. Long he walked where he could, Not a thing he understood, Not a thing he understood, Not a thing he understood So he walked all his life as he would - And didnít perish, and lived well and good.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?