I have a guitar now - spread apart the walls! My ill luck that prison is ever round me ringed. Cut my throat for me, my veins, cut them all - Only donít, I beg you, break the silver strings! I will sink into the earth, I will stop my heart... Whoíll have mercy on my youth, and compassion bring? They crawl into my soul, tearing it apart - Only do not also break the silver strings! They took my guitar away, and my liberty Though I fought and raged at them, at the bastard things. Trample me into the dust, throw me in the sea, Only donít, I beg you, break the silver strings. How can this be true? Shall I never see Sunlit days to work in, moonless nights to sing? They have killed my soul, they wonít set me free - And now they went and broke the silver strings.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?