This scrambles every brain from cell to cell And fills all space with cracks and deformations: The devils went to build a heaven in Hell To benefit their future generations. A well-known devil, Olí Nick to his foes, Wrote, out of schedule, (as a Heaven spy), "Whatís on in Hell, the devil only knows..." Exactly what, Nick couldnít specify. Only for Cupid, the spy bureau chief, Old Nick appended a horrific line: "Satan is on alert, in my belief, And watch out on which agents youíre relying!" Meanwhile in Hell, great Beelzebub declared All army forces quickstep in parading Past his own grandstand, where he wept and blared, "Heaven alone will save our poor home Hades!" Devils applauded, weeping tears of joy, "Yes! In our native hell weíll build a heaven! Boost productivity! Lean methods weíll employ And raise the sinner quota up to seven!" "Well, forward march now! Follow on my mark!" Said Satan. "God is with us! Let us go!" And sinners trembled in nine circles dark, And angels shuddered, looking down below. And in a flock, the angels went to tell Him whoís all-kind, all-seeing and knows all. But he said, "I donít give a damn for Hell!" And promised many shot against the wall. "And Satan is an agitator troll, His shouts old news ere Christ was resurrected, And you angels are morons, one and all, And that Old Nick has long ago defected. "This isnít Heaven but Bedlam through and through! Iíll head to Earth - they at least respect me there! I to humanity, the hell away from you, They crucify me twice now, I donít care!" And He came down. Where is he, or who? But worshippers once saw, by the church door A ragged beggar, downed a pint or two, Shouting, "Iím God! Give alms to feed the poor!" Folks, weep now at the tragedy I tell, Far worse than even the sack of Troy defeated. Long now in Heaven itís not heaven but hell, But a devilsí heaven in Hell is now completed!
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?