I have left Russia - Iím no longer there! My girls walk in tears through their day. I now sow my wild oats without care On the foreign fields of Champs Elysťes. Someone mutters on a streetcar passing: "Heís not here! Heís at last gone bye bye! Let him sing now his songs foreign-fancy About the palace over there in Versailles." I hear behind me the trading of news: "Not that one! He left! Ask if you please!" "Not that one?" And they elbow through And in taxis they sit on their knees. A Magadan cell I had shared With my Civil War friend, who says now That Iíd written him from over there, "Iím bored, Vanya, come over somehow!" Iíve already asked to be retaken I had begged, I had pleaded and called... But I wonít return! This is mistaken - Because I never did leave at all! Iíll give presents to all who believed So that theyíll get a movie happy end: LíArc de Triomphe youíll receive! The Renault factories, take them, friend! I am laughing, Iím dying from laughter! How this nonsense was ever believed! Do not worry - I havenít left hereafter, And donít hope, either - I will not leave.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?