Run up, take off... and shameful to be flying, Dust in my mouth, my lids watering are: Upon two metres twelve, that cursed line, My way up was barred by the bar. Iíll admit to you I cannot stop: Such is athletic life all around - Only for a moment are you at the top And then you speedily fall to the ground. But Iíll eat the fruit off the forbidden tree And yank the tail of glory when I grab it tight For everyoneís take-off foot is the left, you see, While my take-off foot is the right! Run up, take off... Witnesses to my fall Drag my legs down with boos at what I did My coach said, with no pity at all: "What you are doing is LONG JUMPING, kid! Youíll have a pulled groin if you donít stop; Right-foot jumping is a dumb whim, weíve found; You wonít make it up to the top And youíll speedily fall to the ground." But I replied, angered-breathlessly, But calm and coherently, that in my sight The thingís that they push off with the left, you see, While I, I push off with the right. Run up, push off... At my struggles in vain My Canadian rival laughs as heís in flight; At two-twelve, I knocked the bar again And my coach told me in plain sight That right in yonder pond Iíll be drowned So that others wonít follow along If I wonít this very moment come down From my right foot, that right foot thatís wrong. But a cup of hemlock Iíd rather drain Or do something very nasty to myself But though my not-right right foot is in vain - I wonít switch to the right left, for two metres twelve! The grandstands laugh aloud to themselves But I try on; their mockery wonít last... Run up, take off, and flight... Two metres twelve Is now a rite of passage I have passed! And if Iím limping hard from my hop And my pulled groin aches in the night - But still, I have been to the top And you canít push me off of that height! So I ate the fruit of the forbidden tree And yanked the tail of glory when I grabbed it tight Although they take off from the left, you see, While my take-off foot is the right.        
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?