Behind our backs remain sunsets and falls I ask for but a tiny, invisible, flight towards skies! I want to believe that our black great-coats, after all, Today will allow me to finally see the sun rise. Weíll try then and see whatíll turn out on this morrow As today they said to us "Like heroes, then, die!" I also thought this, smoking cigs I had borrowed Here each does as he can Me, I want to see the sun rise. Special forces, an honour for mine engineers. Donít jump on my back with a knife from the branches up high Itís vain to keep trying - even with a cut throat, here I will see the sunrise today before all goes untied. Behind their lines we held back not to cut them in sleepís hour And then as we bit through, a sudden sight met my eyes: A yet unwitting green, but sensitive sunflower Has already turned its head towards the sunrise. Behind our backs at six-thirty remain, I know Not only sunsets and falls but rises and flight! I hold two bare wires together with my teeth, and I go I didnít see the sunrise but know that soon thereíll be light! The thinned lines of the special force go back, back they fall What happened wonít matter what matters is - the fort blew to the skies. I want to believe that our black labour, after all, Today has allowed you freely to see the sun rise
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?