Again I fly from Moscow to Odessa The flightís delayed, they again repeat And there passes, all in blue, the stewardess, like a princess, Reliable as the whole civilian fleet. The Murmansk skies are cloudless and blue Or fly to Ashkhabad right now, itís fair! Kiev, Kharkiv, Kishinev are open too And Lviv is - but I donít need to be there! They tell me thereís no hope today, theyíre guessing Canít argue with the heavens and the skies And now they again delay the one flight to Odessa Apparently, the stripís all over ice. In Leningrad itís thawing, and itís free - Why donít I fly to Leningrad on a dare? In Tbilisi, itís warm, theyíre growing tea Itís lovely - but I donít need to be there. Boarding for Rostov now, the speaker says, While I just need Odessa, and tonight! I need to go where they havenít let planes for three days And again now they delay the flight. I need to go where itís full of snow And more blizzards tomorrow - I donít care That somewhere itís warm and clear, I know, And sunny - but I donít need to be there. They donít let us out here, they donít let us in there then, Itís unfair, and I pine in my seat. Now the bored stewardess invites us to board again, Accessible, like the whole civilian fleet. Theyíve opened up the farthest little spot Where I wonít go if they pay the fare. Theyíve opened Vladivostok, that closed port, Theyíve opened Paris - but I donít need to be there. The weatheríll clear, theyíll let us through, and weíll fly up, they say. The airliner tenses, turbines hum, I sit on pins and needles - what if again thereís a delay They have a million reasons and need one. I need to go where fog and blizzards blew Where snowstorms are expected - I donít care That London, Delhi, Magadan are open too Everythingís open - but I donít need to be there. You cry or laugh, Iím right, Again they delay the flight, And she leads us back to our past seats Slim as a Tu-134 Same stewardess, all has been before, Miss Odessa, like the whole civilian fleet. Again they say thereís a delay Ďtill eight And people obey, go to sleep and sigh... The Devil take this, Iím resigned to fate And wherever itís open, I will fly.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?
© Bryan Casey. Performance, 2023