Here the fir trees quiver with the weight of their paws Here restlessly birds trill and call. You live in an enchanted wood whose iron laws Say that no one can leave here at all. Let the white lilacs shake like wind-blown linen sheer Let the lilac petals fall like rain falls. Still, I will take you away from here To a palace where flute music calls. For a thousand years wizards have stood Hiding your world from me and from light And you think that other than this enchanted wood Nothing can be a lovelier sight. Let the dawn rise on leaves without dew on them clear Let the moon and sky quarreling be. Still I will take you away from here To a mansion with a view of the sea. What hour, what week, what particular day Will you come to me without a sound? When I in my arms will take you away To the place that cannot be found? I will steal you if theft is what pleases your heart - Have I wasted my strength so mistaken? Consent, then, but to paradise in a hut If the mansion and palace are taken!
Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?