All things rush from the cold icy winds into warmth So itís been through the ages and countless years. But why, then, are these yonder birds flying north If birds only fly south, it always appears? They need neither glory nor power - Once they stop seeing ice below, They will find a birdís joy in an hour As reward for their daring to go! Why then, did we too not sleep at night? What drove us out onto such high waves as we dare? We have not yet observed the famed Northern Lights But valuing lights, any kind, is always rare. Silence... Gulls dash like lightning about And we feed them with emptiness round But our reward for bearing silence out Absolutely will be a sound! So long now only white dreams have come to our minds - All other shades the snows have buried in vain It is dark from this whiteness, and we have gone blind But the dark stripe of land will make us see again. Silence will let our throats into air Weakness will melt like shadows away Our reward for the nights of despair Will be the Poleís eternal day! North, hope, freedom - a land of borderless snows. Spotless - like a long life without a lie. Here our eyes will not be pecked out by crows Because here in the north no crows will fly. Those who didnít believe in bad prophecies, Never lay in the snow to rest - Their reward for their long loneliness Must be soon meeting someone best!
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?