What can I say about the day you met with me? I waited for it like for a natural disaster. But you and I moved in together immediately, Without fearing consequences nasty. I narrowed down the circle of your friends, I pulled you from the mud, I clothed and shod you. But you dragged a tail almost without end, A long tail of short times with those whoíd known you. I beat some of them up, as I recall; With your friends, I didnít feel too nice Although, I guess some of them after all May been fine and upstanding guys. Whatever you asked, I instantly did, And daily hoped for a wedding night caress. For you I jumped beneath a moving train But thankfully, with limited success. And if you waited for me, that year that I Was sent "into the country", I know That for you Iíd steal the entire sky And a couple of stars, from Kremlin spires, also. Though I a bastard be, I now swear - Donít lie, donít drink, and Iíll forgive your cheating And Iíll give you the Bolshoi Theatre there And the Lesser Sports Stadium of our meeting. But now Iím not at ease to meet you here - I fear you, I fear intimate speeches Just like Japanese citizens would fear That Hiroshima would be repeated.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?