If a friend turns out to be, suddenly, Not a friend, not a foe, but - so, If you cannot tell at a glance If heís good - or bad, perchance, Take the kid to the mountains with you, Do not leave him alone, but go. If heís tied to one rope with you Then you will know him true. If among the peaks, he is weak, If at once he lets slack, and goes back, If a step on the glacier brings a tear And he hollers in fear - Then a stranger is he, you see, Do not scoff, but send him off. With us such folks we do not bring And of such we donít sing. But if he doesnít whine, nor pine, Mad and grim, but kept the fight in him, When you fell off the edge that night, He moaned - but held on tight! If he went as to war where you led, On the peak he held high his head - Then as in your own heart and limb You may trust in him.
© Tamara Vardomskaya. Translation, ?