Breathe in deeply, stretch those arms out, Take in easy (-three-and-four-and-) Bright and breezy, grace of movement, sculptured pose. It’s what strengthens you all over, Gets you sober in the morning, (if you’re still alive) - yes! It’s gym– nastics! If you’re home in you apartment, On the floor! (-and-three-and-four-and) Carry out the movements in the proper way; Do away with outside things, Keep you mind on that’s to come, Breathe in deeply until you’re in– capable! Lately there’s worldwide growth of Cholera germs (-and-three-and-four-and-) More and still more people keep on falling ill; If you’re fragile-in your coffin! If you want to keep your health up, Folks, the thing you really need is rub– bing down! If you’re getting tired already (Sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up) No need to fear the Arctic or the Antarctic; Chief Academician Joffe Proved that brandy and that coffee Will do instead of physioprophy– laxis! Right, cut out that conversation, Knees-bend, knees-bend’til you’re dropping, And no need for gloominess or furrowed brows; If you’re feeling very bad, Rub down with what comes to hand, Have recourse to hydropro– cedures! Bad news causes us no bother, Running on the spot’s our answer, Even a beginner is a winner; It’s just great - a field of runners With no winners and no laggers, Running on the spot is the pan– pacifier!
© Gerald Stanton Smith. Translation, 1984