Through the half of the world, through the terrible attacks I had walked I had stalked with battallion And when backwards I went, as a sign of respect It was medical train to transport me They delivered me right to my porch In a truck to my home sweet home I was standing, surprised, for I saw that the smoke Lifted up in a different manner Were the windows scared of meeting my glance? Did the mistress enjoy meeting soldier No tears, no sobs, no kisses, no hugs Just a moving of hands and departing Started barking of dogs on the chains I stepped in to half-darkness of entrance Something alien was on the floor, and I stumbled In the main room I nearly fainted There was at the table at my natural place Quite unhospitable sort of new master And the clothes were his, and the misstres was his It was clear why his dogs were barking So it means while I was at the war While I had no minute of pleasure He replaced all the things in the house of mine In the manner that suited him better We were subject to god, which was god of the war We were ready to meet cannon fair Unexpected in came, mortal wound from the back And it stuck in my heart as a treason In a bow I bended myself Mobilized self-control for that talking I am sorry, I said, to appear like that I mistook your address for my own Peace and love unto you, lots of bread to your table Be the happiness with you forever He replied no word, no move of the lips As if I did what he was expecting Seemed like floor of that house did snake With no bang of the door I departed Only windows opened after all that Casting long glance at me, as if sorry
Alex Sokolov. Translation, 2011