What do we know about Indian culture? We know Shiva - lot of hands and fanfs. We also know Raj Kapur, an actor And the weird caste of yogis. They say a yogi of the past could Live a year without any food And now a new record They eat and drink a whole year throught. Ok ok but we are weird also And by the way we too can drink a lot. And many many yogis walk around Which are not easy to identify. A yogi can do many things Not long ago one of them lied down. Three days have passed already, shame And he is still lying asleep. I know, they have many secrets Iíd like to talk to a yogi head-to-head. Even poison fails with yogis A yogi has immunity to it. He doesnít breathe under the sea thatís one He never takes verbal offence thatís two. If he becomes and old man He says "stop" and is at once a corpse. Not long ago I met a tipsy yogi He was eating razors and nails like sausage. Look here, pal disclose me your secret I will keep it until my death. The answer to my question was simple But we quarreled bitterly Iíd repead you his answer But the yogi demanded secrecy.
© Alex Sokolov. Translation, 2011