Ten thousand and only jne head left That very moment Oleg Beskudnikov put on airs I am sick, he said demanded a sick-leave disappeared Then the coach ordered me to run. Long track would kill me for sure Perhabs I will complete first lap and pass away But the coach said severely just do it Fedya The main thing is the will to win. Will too win is very good if you are strong but I went mad I rushed ten thousand as five hundred and played out It failed and I warned! My breath failed I completed only two laps and fell its a pity. The couch once was a champion of road police Ordered to lock me out of the stadium Judas Only yesterday we drowned our grief in vodka And today he yelled change skates to sleigh. I pity him hes good coach never mind Now Im a wrestler and a boxer Regarding myself, now I have no doubts At once everyone became very polite with me the coach too.
Alex Sokolov. Translation, 2011