thick protected Murom forest is a terrible dreadful place it is swarmed with evil spirits keeping travellers afraid hail and wail is heard aroung like the living dead even forest nightingales practice robbery horror and dread there are bewitched marshes with kikimoras inside who can torture people by tickling and pull down to the depth the unmounted are catched and the mounted and wood-goblins hang about any hour horror and dread peasants warriors and merchants entered thick protected wood some were drunk and some were stupid to the thicket to intrude both the reasonable and the unreasonable disappeared in the forest irreversibly horror and dread from an evil foreign forest which is real hell indeed where cruel local devils eat each other when they need to unite for evil deeds in the future they arrived and appointed a coaching horror and dread Russian Nightingale the Robber gave a banquet and a brawl Aliens were three-headed Dragon and his servant, ugly Troll they used skulls for drinking potions they ate cobblestones coffins served as dancing floor to these blasphemers horror and dread Dragon climbed upon a fur-tree and began to loosen it Robber, call your girls right now! let them show something more let wood-goblins in your forest sing and dance and if not, I give my word, you would rot horror and dread everybody roared like bears had endured many years are we witches or not witches? are we patriots or not? he is drunk as a lord, he is well gone and he coveted our ladies! horror and dread Nightingale the Robber also hadnít been born yesterday whooped and whistled and cried to Dragon foreign reptile, parasite! get away, clear off no fight for you get away as I say and take Troll with you horror and dread now old grey-haired people can remember all these deeds evil spirits fought each other until no one was alive outraqe has been stopped eventually humans go to the forest intrepidly no horror, no dread
© Alex Sokolov. Translation, 2011