My next-door neighbourís travelled everywhere, Away prospecting for some sort of mineral. Other folkís concerns arenít my affair But somehow he gets up my nose in general. Theyíve had their windows done in silk and plush. His lady wife goes round in robe and towel. If Iíd a wage like his, or half as much, Iíd find ore in Moscow with a trowel Itís my belief that all his cronies lie. He finds nowt on purpose - thatís his racket. But all the same, his salaryís sky-high - Make no mistake, heís worth a bleeding packet. At our place yesterday this neighbourís lad Fell against our door and knocked his forehead, And smashed up my decanter. Well, his dad Can pay me back the price with interest on it. A quid to him is like a bob to me So he can pay me three times what the cost is. It isnít out of spite - thatís not my way. The only thing that interests me is justice. Iíll give him so much gip that heí1l soon move. Heíll be off, and whatís more, pretty briskly. Heís stiff with loot - his incomeís through the roof, But I can barely keep myself in whiskey.
© Kathryn Hamilton. Translation, 1987