Where fingers of fir-trees tremble, enthralled, And birds trill their anxious palaver, You live in a forest enchanted and wild And canít get away from it ever. Let cherry blossom dry in the wind like lace, Let the lilacs bend low in the rain. Iíll still bear you away in my arms from this place To halls gay with the piperís strain. Fell witches have kept you for thousands of years From me and the great worldís contentment, And their spells have convinced you that nothing compares With this magical forestís enchantment. Let the dew in the morning not gleam on the grass, Let the moon and the dark sky wrangle. Iíll still bear you away in my arms from this place To a mansion with a view on the shingle. Is there ever a time, by night or by day, That you come to me anxious or timorous? Come into my arms and Iíll bear you away To a place in which none shall discover us. If itís thieving you want, Iíll go gladly with thieves - Or in vain have I tried to entice you? If the mansionís not free, then a hut roofed with leaves Will in paradise surely suffice you.
© Kathryn Hamilton. Translation, ?