At any moment, Iíll explode like TNT - The writerís block will surely make me blow! Today, the Muse came here to visit me, Before I could relax, she had to go. She had her reasons, yes, I understand - I have no right to moan here in dismay, Just think, a Muse - at night - and with a man! God only knows what witnesses might say. And yet, I feel rejected and disgraced, Because this Muse - and many will concur! - Had lived with Blok for many, many days, And Balmont too was known to be with her. I rushed towards the writing desk - impatient. I beg You, God, have mercy - let me write! She went away and took my inspiration And money that she needed for the ride. I pace around the house like Iím mad. But I forgive her - though itís rather tough. She left me for some other lonely lad, - I guess I didnít treat her well enough. I made a cake, with candles everywhere, - Now it dries up from woe - I feel so used. And with my lowlife neighbors, now, I share The cognac that was meant just for the Muse. Like certain people, years have disappeared, Allís in the past, - I yawning, bored and tired, She left in silence, like she wasnít here, But left me with two lines that she inspired. Here are the lines - without a doubt, Iím a poet! I hear applause, thereís flowers at my side: ďI still remember that amazing moment You have appeared before my sight!Ē
© Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?