Inhale deeply, arms - out more, Do not hurry - three and four! Grace and pliability are emphasized! All around conditioning, And hangover quickening, If you’re still alive and fidgeting - Exercise! If you’re working out at home, Do lie down! - three and four! Correctly go through every single motion! Lose the tension that you feel, Get accustomed to the drill! Inhale deeply right until... Exhaustion! Quickly growing ’round the world - Flu and illness - three and four! The disease is gradually flourishing! If you’re weak - straight to the grave! If you want your wellness saved, With a towel rub yourself, It’s nourishing! If already you feel spent, Sit and stand, sit and stand - Do not fear the Arctic and Antarctic! Our main scholar Dr. Joffe Proved to us that booze and coffee Will be replaced by athletic prophy– lactic. All the talking should be stopped Keep on squatting ’till you drop Do not be such gloomy creatures! If you cannot hold your ardor Rub yourself with something harder In the water, you can start the Drilled procedures. We’re not scared of doltish talk - In response we run and walk, - Amateur - triumphant from the start! Beautiful! - right from beginning No one’s losing, no one’s winning Stationary running is bringing Peace to hearts!
© Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?