Here, the limbs of the spruces quiver and moan, And the birds, here, tweet with concern - You reside in a spellbound forest, alone, From which, thereís no way of return. Let the cherry-trees dry, like clothes on a line, Let the lilacs rain down while swaying, Either way, I will take you from here, to be mine, In a palace, where reed pipes are playing! For a thousand years, the wizards have hidden Your world from the light and from me, - You live in seclusion, so blissful and smitten, Convinced that youíre happy and free. Let the moon and the sky disagree all the time, Let no dewdrops embellish the flowers, Either way, I will take you from here, to be mine, On the coast, in a brightly lit tower! On what glorious hour, what magical day Will you greet me with caution and kindness? You will fall in my arms and Iíll take you away To a place where nobody will find us. I will steal you away, if thatís all that weíve got, - Youíll agree - no, I wasnít mistaken! And you will find your heaven with me in a hut, If the tower and palace were taken!
© Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?