Debris Remaining from the crown With no state, no throne around, There is no country left to govern - All is damned! And we’re, Chased to holes like hunted game, Caught like thieves to face the blame, There’s only blood and shame, To withstand. For us, It’s impossible to find, With whom to split, with whom to bind, Who’s with us and whom to mind, Where to go, where to unwind - we can’t tell! Where’s spirit? Where’s honor? Where’s guilt? Who are friends and who are strangers, How did we neglect this danger, Do we wish to cast this land to hell? And shame - On all of those who value rest On those, whose conscience is a pest, Who cannot choose in all this mess To kill. A call!.. And like a bull during a fray, Like a hawk after a prey, Inviting ravens all to stay For the meal. Hey you! Where’s the strength that lit your face? Where’s the pride with which we’ve gazed? To rest today - it’s a disgrace! Grip the pistol in your hand and go! An end, To all. An end. All is broken, all seems brittle, We are left with just a little, - Fire at one’s temple or the foe.
© Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?