I知 working, with my knife in hand, - Don稚 vex me now, you understand, And later - I値l be going to the bar. Let people think that I知 insane, But I obtain - I drink my gain, - And I will do it as I致e done so far. A man walks up to me, enraged, And he declares, 的n this tough age, I want to execute all crooks like you! And in response, I caught this chap, - I didn稚 reason, simply stabbed, - And I値l continue to do just as I do. You want to tell me what you think - Come sit with me and we will drink, - And every problem we値l discuss and fix. But if you come with his intent, - One rule applies to every man And it will always stay just as it is.
Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?