The spring is just beginning, We havenít started singing And yet, my soul is jumping from my chest, - And then they came to pester with escorts, with escorts And told me, "hurry up, get dressed!" Oh how I begged the sergeant to re-think: "Donít take me away from the spring!" íTil May, with no progressio - They asked for my confession, But I was stubborn! Forty days theyíve tried. When I expected least, My Katharine was seized And the detective gained more rights than I. And then I understood that I would sink, - Just through the window, let me see the spring! And once again, itís starting, In train cars, weíre departing And rail junctions measure whatís ahead. And through the window, - green Maples and birches gleam And all of them are begging "Donít forget!" And from the hills, my friends still waved and winked Why did I have to leave the precious spring! In asking Kathy I was very prudent Weíre leaving? - We shouldnít! Iíve had it up to here! - I canít abide! And thus replied my Kathy: "Youíve had it, youíve had it", - We ran away through tundra in the night! How warm was her embrace, oh just to think! - So this is what youíre like my lovely spring! And only two days since Those bitches sensed our prints, - Like dogs, they sensed the path weíve trod, - Those bitches firmly tied Our legs and arms so tigh - Like carrion they dragged us through the mud. No longer would I ever dream a thing! I have completely lost beloved spring!
© Andrey Kneller. Translation, ?